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Welcome to our blog.

 My name is VocabKing and I will be your guide in your journey to a powerful vocabulary.

VocabKing SAT and ACT game quiz

VocabKing SAT and ACT game quiz

 You are probably here because you believe that vocabulary is not one of your strong points and would like to improve it. Whether you are taking the SAT or the GRE or  the ACT, vocabulary is critical. An improved vocabulary will lead to a better score in some sections.

I would like to to show you some tools and the techniques to improve your vocabulary.

To get started, has avocabulary game which helps to find out your capability and will create a list of words that you do not know.


VocabKing SAT and ACT game quiz

Here are the two games on the web. Click on the pictures or click on the links below to visit the pages.:

SAT and ACT Vocabulary Game

GRE Vocabulary Game


If you use the chrome browser, here are the web app links to install the web app on your browser:

Go ahead and enjoy those games.

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