I love this site. It is the only free site like it that makes learning vocabulary fun.


Very good tool and it has been very helpful to me in studying for my GRE.


Great , great , great,, I am so happy it is here to help me as I study for the GRE!!!


Your site has been very helpful in stirring up the brain cells!

K. Smith

great game! very helpful :)


I was almost giving up on the verbal part for the GRE and looks like your website is the only thing that works for me.


It's amazing and so helpful.


This is so cool!!!!!!!!


Score With a Great Vocabulary!

Have fun playing while improving your vocabulary

Ace the verbal test by improving your Vocabulary. The better your vocabulary, the higher you will score in the critical reading section.

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Vocabulary is critical

The better your vocabulary, the faster you will read and the more you will comprehend. Whether it is critical reading, diction, passage reading or sentence completion, a better vocabulary will get you a higher score.A great vocabulary will help you not just in the critical reading comprehension section but also in the writing sections

Learning made fun

Various games like Hangman and Streak make the tedious chore of learning vocabulary into a fun and exciting exercise. Play fun games with 5000+ words.

Ace the verbal test

Achieve high scores on the Critical Reading section of both the SAT and ACT.

  • 5000+ words
  • Progress from from easy words (yellow belt) to hard words(black belt)
  • Personalized word lists are created for you with only words you get wrong!